These are the various projects I am working on in various stages of mulling, conceiving, writing, rewriting, underdevelopment, development, redevelopment, pro-production, production, post-production and finally the holy grail of completion!


Slipstream (feature, written)
A mother and her teenage daughter take a hard drive cross country, but the strain of the journey and the mother's secret motivation for the trip leave the daughter faced with a choice well beyond her years.

The Assastant (rewriting...)
This is the feature length version of my short film about an assasin's assistant who wants to be a real assassin. It is different than the short film but inspired by it.


Revelations (writing...)
A television pilot about a powerful religious family transitioning their mega church from one generation to the next.


The Shores of Our Mutual Discontent (Comedic Novel)-  120 pages complete! About 150 to go...
An over educated recent college grad moves back in with his parents and starts working for a lawn care company. His somewhat socialist worldview is at odds with the capitalist happy American suburbs but he finds like minds in the form of a blind date gone right , a naive fellow employee and a gay pool man who may hold the ideological key to it all.


Glenlightenment (Written)
An about to be four time father shares his not always helpful advice with an expectant first time father in a maternity ward waiting room.

Other Projects that I am Keeping to Myself for Now...