Girls Are Strong Here (Pre Production)

When a mother and daughter are stranded at his service station, new American, Sayid’s, faith in his adopted country is put to the test.


-Winner Sun Valley Film Festival’s 2019 1 Potato Short Screenplay Competition $5,000

-First Place 2018 Fade In Short Script Competition

-Best Short Script 2018 StoryMode Independent Short Film Awards


A feature length film about a down-on-her-luck woman driving her teenage daughter across the country to a better life, while hiding the true motivation behind their destination.


-Nicholl Screenwriting Competition Quarterfinalist (Top 5% out of 6,300 scripts 2011)

Adjunct (Pre Production)

Scrap (Development)

The owner of a scrap yard must confront his criminal past when his ex-soldier daughter starts down the same path.