Girls Are Strong Here (Post Production)

Written and directed by Scott Burkhardt

When a mother and daughter are stranded at his service station, new American, Sayid’s, faith in his adopted country is put to the test.


-Winner Sun Valley Film Festival’s 2019 1 Potato Short Screenplay Competition $5,000
-First Place 2018 Fade In Short Script Competition
-Best Short Script 2018 StoryMode Independent Short Film Awards


Producer: Celeste Matika
Executive Producer: Maisy Kay
Associate Producer: Miles Perkins

Cinematographer: Jan Reichle

Paper Year

Written by Mikaela Izquierdo
Directed by Scott Burkhardt & Michael Izquierdo

exactly the same. totally different.
an original instaseries.

The Assastant

Written and directed by Scott Burkhardt

Staniel, an assassin's assistant, takes on a job himself with unintended consequences for himself and his boss, Red Cobra.

- Student Academy Award Finalist
- Faculty Selects (Columbia University)
- New Line Cinema Development Award (Columbia University)
- 20th Century Fox/Farrelly Brothers Outstanding Achievement in Comedy Award (Columbia University)
- Student Choice Award, Best Writing (Columbia University)
- The Caucus Foundation Grant Recipient
- The Carole & Robert Daly Foundation Grant Recipient

SMASH (Episode 109) Hell On Earth

Written by Scott Burkhardt
Directed by Paul McGuigan
Original Air Date: 4/2/12

Ivy and Karen once again go head to head as they compete for an orange juice commercial. While, Tom and Julia work on coming up with a new title for the newly reinvigorated musical.

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